Value-Added Compounds Recovery

Greener than Green Technologies can help you capture the value hidden in your wastewater and give your business a push towards a more sustainable future.

Wastewater is often a great pool for resource recovery. Energy, reusable water, biosolids, nutrients and other value-added compounds could present an economic and environmental benefit, promoting the sustainability and increasing the value proposition of a business or process. Infrastructure investment in resources recovery can cover or contribute towards the maintenance cost of wastewater treatment facilities or even may prove to be profitable in time.

Wastewater generated by the food processing sector is a significant resource of value–added compounds with a variety of possible uses and benefits. It contains great amounts of inorganic and organic compounds,  that can be extracted and reused in countless applications.

Greener than Green Technologies can analyse the potential of your wastewater  and the feasibility of the available innovative technologies to extract and purify valuable compounds, which are present in your wastewater. Hence, not only these substances are prevented from being dispersed to the environment, but also the recycling and reuse of treated wastewater employing innovative treatment technologies become possible, tackling environmental pollution.