Charalampos Philip Iosifidis

Charalampos-Philip Iosifidis

Co-founder, Executive VP

Philip is an analytical chemist trained in Greece(B.Sc. Chemistry Aristotle University ofThessaloniki) and in the UK (M.Sc. inInstrumentation and Analytical Science fromUMIST). He also holds an MBA from theUniversity of Chicago Booth and an MSc in MajorProgramme Management from the University ofOxford.
He has been the managing director of Malva S.A.from 2005 until 2011 when he assumed the roleof CEO which he currently holds. Malva is anintegrator of Analytical, Bioprocess, clinicaldiagnostics and IT solutions in thepharmaceutical industry and scientific datamanagement. He is also an expert in producingwater purification
solutions for industrial and lab applications,management, business development,
corporate strategy, business innovation.