Environmental and Process Monitoring

Greener than Green Technologies uses a multitude of online sensors and analytical equipment to monitor certain wastewater characteristics, physicochemical properties and the concentration of selected pollutants, in order to optimize the treatment processes, to evaluate key-parameter changes and to monitor selected indicators.

Water & Wastewater Sector

We offer full process control and automation, using a variety of sensors suitable for on-line measurements.

UV254 Sensors

With UV254 sensors, we can achieve:

  • UV transmission monitoring to control UV output intensity.
  • Specific Parameter Correlation of impractical or expensive measurements, such as COD, BOD, TOC
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater secondary and effluent monitoring, to determine treatment efficiency after secondary treatment and provide tertiary treatment monitoring and control.

Ozone Measurements

Dissolved Ozone sensors are ideal, anywhere you have a requirement to measure online residual ozone in water.

The Sensors are particularly suited to work in sites where reliability and ease of use are most important.

Chlorine Control

  • Free or Total Chlorine sensors, for continuous measurements suitable for monitoring or control applications in potable water, seawater, process water, swimming pool water, waste water, food washing, paper and pulp, etc.
  • PID control option, to optimize the chlorine dose.

Coagulation Control

  • Flow sensors, to adjust coagulant dosing proportionally to the flow.
  • pH sensors, to measure and control pH changes during coagulation process.
  • Turbidity sensors, to achieve ideal coagulant dossing.
  • Coagulation analyzers, to effectively detect and control the level of residual coagulant.
  • PID control option, to optimize the coagulation dose.

DO Control

Electrical costs of aerating the waste water is often the 50% of the total running costs of the plant. With DO sensors, for continuous dissolved oxygen measurements, we can achieve:

  • Air pump control, to reduce total running expenses of the plant
  • Rapid alarms for dirty sensor, lack of response, sensor failure
  • Automatic self-cleaning system, to reduce maintenance.

Remote Access

Continuous monitoring of water parameters is crucial. Plants are usually distant.

  • Every control option and alarm notification is also available online, through LAN or 3G communications
  • Continuous measurements are available online
  • Online alarms and notifications for every measurement
  • Control options are available online
Environmental Monitoring