Biological Wastewater Treatment

Bio Castle – Bio Engineering the Environment
BioCastle, is an environmental biotechnology company that is developing and marketing a novel technology:
The Small Bioreactor Platform technology (SBP).

The SBP technology is used to treat water (contaminated ground water, reservoirs, and rivers), wastewater (domestic and industrial), aquaculture contaminated process water and contaminated soil. The SBP Capsule Technology has the capability to bio-engineer the client plant environment in order to achieve up to 20% process yield increases, without altering the infrastructure.

Fields of application:

  • Municipal waste water treatment: Small and medium waste water treatment plants, including membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies
  • Industrial waste water treatment
    – Food and beverage
    – Olive and vegetable oil
    – Winery and brewery
    – Air scrubbers treating organic solvents
  • Aquaculture

Selective bio-treatment process design
The term of bio-augmentation is a generic name for the addition of microorganisms to bioreactors in order to improve the existing biomass activity and performance within the reactor.

Bio-augmentation is used for:

• Preferential degradation of specific compounds
(selectively targeting hard-to-biodegrade contaminants and toxic contaminants)
• Enhancing BOD removal, with emphasis on polymeric BOD
• Enhancing oil and grease removal, which are considered hard-to-biodegrade COD
• Enhancing sludge degradation, reducing sludge release
• Improving settling of solids (sludge) – SSV
• Enhancing nitrification/de-nitrification
• Odor reduction
• Rapid bioreactor start-up
• Rapid recovery of biomass in the reactor after mortality due to toxicity shocks or other causes
• Lowering the intensity of bio-process stress episodes

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