CPC photocatalytic reactor

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Projects Description

CPC photocatalytic reactor for the treatment of wastewater from small communities and temporary facilities

The goal of this project was to design and construct a CPC photocatalytic reactor, which could operate using all photocatalytic systems (heterogeneous, homogeneous, slurry or immobilized catalyst etc.), under either solar or artificial light. The design predicted the possibility of using multiple modules of the reactor, depending on the volume and pollution load of the treated water or wastewater. The reactor was used to indicate the suitability of AOPs and the proposed design to provide effective and sustainable solutions for water treatment problems that emerge in small communities and temporary facilities, with time-dependent and highly fluctuating pollutants load, like refugee camps, touristic units or temporary facilities for agricultural works.

In this project Greener than Green Technologies collaborated with the Institute of NCSR Demokritos