Modularity, Customization & Design Flexibility

The modular philosophy together with the high degree of customization ensures that we can provide water treatment solutions that are a perfect match to your needs.

Advanced Oxidation Processes

(aka photocatalysis) Production of oxidative species (hydroxyl radicals OH or trap holes h+) due to the excitation of a semiconductor particle under irradiation, and subsequent degradation of pollutants through an oxidative path.


Oxidative degradation of pollutants mainly through direct reaction with aqueous ozone and ozone decay products (mainly hydroxyl radicals). Transformation and degradation can be significant as well as pollutant toxicity.

Reverse Osmosis – Desalination

Uses pressure to reverse osmotic effect in semi-permeable membranes, resulting in the separation of selected molecules and finds applications in the production of potable water and the processing of industrial wastewater.


Degradation and mineralization of organic pollutants by microorganisms, reducing the total organic carbon of the wastewater and diminishing the overall content of nitrogen and phosphorus.


Ultra filtration of selected pollutants using semi-permeable membranes, especially for the separation of suspended solids and compounds of increased molecular weight.


Removal of pollutants from wastewater with the proper adjustment of pH or the addition of reactive substances, resulting in the precipitation and subsequently the separation of pollutants.


Physical or chemical adherence of selected compounds on the surface of various solid materials, for the purification of waste- and drinking water and the reuse of adsorbed substances.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Extraction and pre-concentration of selected compounds using supercritical fluids, with increased selectivity and low use of toxic solvents.

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