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A dynamic clean-tech start up,
we design, manufacture and implemend modular arrays for water clean up and reclamation of resources.

Exceptional staff

GtG's board of directors and personnel involve highly trained people in the fields of chemistry, chemical process, chemical analysis, water technology and treatment, separation and purification science, process streamlining, engineering, management, venture capital, rendering it a strong and self-sufficient entity.

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Our customized solutions combining cutting edge and energy efficient technologies with time tested and proven ones to produce innovative and cost saving services and products.



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If you have an industrial/agricultural/municipal process that requires large quantities of water, it is very likely that you pay dearly for what you consume. You pay for the water, you use it up, maybe you contaminate it and then you either dump it in the environment - which can incur hefty fines - or pay to have it removed (sewage). This is a loose-loose situation as you pay twice for a commodity that doesn’t come cheap. Contact us to find out how Greener than Green Technologies can help reduce the cost of water consumption.

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Greener than Green Technologies S.A.
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Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 6201779